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How do I know my organization is a good fit for the platform?

Datatinga is for organizations that are keen to develop a culture centered on data, insights and knowledge sharing. If your organization leverages quantitative and/or qualitative research in areas such as digital analytics, A/B testing, surveys and user research, and wants to proliferate learnings more broadly across a distributed organization, then Datatinga is a great fit.

Can I get an orientation of the platform?

Yes. In the first month of any plan option, there are 2 live InfoSessions calls set up, so a product expert can review the features and functions and get your team rolling towards success. If you are looking to take a spin through the platform prior to signing up for a plan, you may request a demo.

What are the main differences between plans?

The only differences in the plans are the number of allowed user seats and insights. The Basic plan is designed for startups, smaller teams or those who just want to dip their toes in the water first. All plans are fully featured and are geared for helping brands proliferate cultures that lean on data, insights and knowledge sharing.

Can I start with the Basic plan and then upgrade to Pro or Enterprise plan later?

Yes. It’s fine to start with the Basic plan and then graduate to higher plans when there are needs to add more users and/or insights. To explore upgrade options, consult with one of your organization’s administrators.

Do all plans offer customizations?

Yes. All plans, including the Basic plan, allow organizations to customize Datatinga to fit their business, goals and internal vocabulary. Additionally, all instances are adapted to each brand’s look and feel (logo and color system). Customization opportunities can be reviewed in the initial onboarding InfoSession.

Does Datatinga integrate with other platforms?

Yes. Currently Datatinga integrates with Slack so that Slack notifications can be triggered when new ideas, insights and actions are added. Additionally, through our Chrome extension, insights can be added while in any insight discovery platform (e.g. A/B testing, analytics, survey, user research platforms). Insights and ideas can be exported into PowerPoint as an easy transition to presentations. Integrating with other platforms is on our roadmap.

Can I cancel my plan?

Yes. While our goals are to provide great value and encourage customer input along the way, we also provide the option to cancel at anytime.