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Your AI-powered, plug-and-play insights repository is here.  Simplify work by centralizing your learnings from different initiatives in one place. 

See what Datatinga™ can look like for your organization.  Request a free demo.




Move from scattered insights and ideas to a single, easily-searchable repository. Spread institutional knowledge and take greater collective action on data and insights. 

A platform built with a singular purpose:

to turn data and insights into action and value.

Companies that rely on throwing files on scattered server locations or general collaboration platforms that aren't built with any specificity, suffer from a lack of collective action on data. Without any centralized knowledge store, these companies are also bleeding institutional knowledge as people come and go over time.

Datatinga™ is built specifically to catalog and share institutional knowledge across functional and geographic teams so that more people are positioned to turn data into value for their organization.

By making learnings that come from multiple initiatives more accessible to units across our wider organizations, magical side effects happen - cross-team collaboration, more focus on common goals, retention of institutional knowledge are just a few examples.

Datatinga™ can be molded to your own internal vocabulary and your unique way of working. See how it can look and function for your unique organization: Request a tailored demo.


Data-informed insights from different teams and research types are woven into one easily-searchable confine, so more learnings are consumed across the wider organization.


Pivot quickly from insight to action with the action panel that taps into everyday task management systems.  It’s not about the data.  It’s what you do with the data. The action is what we call “Tinga”.


Assigning values to actions allows organizations to finally be able to piece together the value being driven from quant and qual research initiatives – plus a reflective understanding of which activities are yielding the most value.



As the amount of data workforces can leverage is exponentially mounting, the challenge of making quick sense of it all becomes more difficult.  Datatinga™ is built from the ground up to help organizations do more with data, by creating a mechanism to catalog discreet insights as they are gleaned from data. This results in more collective action, a better RoI on data initiatives, and a type of cross-team collaboration that energizes the entire organization.


Moving from data & insights to action & value has never been easier.


Secure, scalable, high performance AWS Infrastructure.


Knowledge sharing across teams is good for both business and morale.


Seamlessly connected into common apps & workflows.


General productivity platforms serve a purpose, but miss the mark when being used for knowledge bases. Clutter gets in the way, adoption suffers and little action on data and insights is taken.


Combine AI-powered search, internally-vetted insights, third-party integrations and a laser focus on ease of use - now we've got a knowledge base that can drive and sustain action across the enterprise.

“Datatinga™ has helped us organize and use our hard-earned knowledge.”

Malaysia Joseph, Amplify Education

“Sharing insights you've learned through testing, analytics and other forms of research is the key to unlocking faster growth.”

Alex Birkett, Omniscient Digital

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