Scalable plans that fit any organization's budget

Basic Pro Premium
10 user seats
100 user seats
catalog quant & qual learnings in one easy-to-search confine
250 Max
500 Max

Custom Filters

Build your own insights database with custom filters and the terminology your team uses

Ideation Hub

Ideate with colleagues, using structured hypotheses to nail common organizational goals

Actions Panel

take documented action on data and improve follow through and accountability

Custom Branding

Your insights and ideas repository comes with your branding and color scheme


seamlessly connect into common workflow apps

User Roles

apply controls and governance with user roles and permission levels
Insight Export

Onboarding Support

Training and support hours to populate database with insights and ideas

Chrome Ext.

Document learnings the moment you discover insights, from wherever you work with our Chrome extension
Custom Development
Advisory Board
Contact Sales
Contact Sales
See FAQ below for more info

"Datatinga™ helps brands operationalize insights and enables organizations to continuously build on learnings. These are keys to success in today's data-driven world."

Adam Canissario, Analytics Consultant

Datatinga™ is built to solve common organization problems, that include:

  • Scattered learnings that are hard to find
  • Not enough collective action being taken on data
  • A lack of cross-team collaboration
  • Little clarity on who is doing what, when and how, based on data

By making insights easier to share, find and quickly understand, more knowledge gets dispersed across the organization.  And with that, more of the workforce is enabled to actually do something with the information.  We call this the Insight > Action > Value pipeline.

Beyond the bottom line impact,  knowledge sharing that cuts across teams and functional silos,  fuels collaborative cultures that people want to be at – and stay at – for years to come.

Yes. The free version of Datatinga™ has all of the core features of the paid plans, integrates with common communication and task management platforms and does not have any time-based limitations.

Yes. In the first month of any plan option, we offer one free InfoSession call, so a product expert can get your team oriented.  In addition to the free plan, you may request a demo.

The main differences in the plans are the number of allotted user seats and insights, with the Basic plan being designed for smaller teams and the Pro and Enterprise plans being best for mid-sized and larger organizations. All plans have similar capabilities with the ability to store insights and ideas and to leverage the action panel to drive more data-informed action and value. Presentation export and the Chrome extension (in beta) are only available in paid plans.

We also offer a special framework for agencies and vendors who wish to access multiple customer brand instances.

Yes. All plans, including the Free and Basic plan allow organizations to customize Datatinga™ to fit their business, goals and internal vocabulary. Additionally, all instances are adapted to each brand’s look and feel (logo and color system). Deeper customization opportunities are available for Enterprise customers.

Yes. Datatinga™ integrates with a growing list of platforms that includes Slack, Microsoft Teams and various task management platforms. In paid plans, insights and ideas can be easily exported into presentations. 

Paid plans can also leverage the Chrome extension (in beta) so insights can be crafted while in whatever insight “discovery” platform you are using at the moment that insight is being discovered.

The initial user for the organization sets up their password and logs in as an “Administrator” – a role that allows them to create other user accounts, and add ideas and insights into the system.  

For all paid plans, new customers get 10 free support hours within the first 6 weeks of starting.  These cover 2 InfoSessions (product orientation, Q&A calls) and 8 hours to help customer organizations gather and publish already existing insights from their various initiatives into the system.  This makes onboarding a piece of cake.

Yes. While our goal is to provide great value at a reasonable cost, we also provide a hassle free option to cancel at anytime.

Yes!  Datatinga™ is a great way to showcase agency work and we offer a couple of different approaches for how agencies or vendors can benefit from Datatinga™, including a multi-instance framework that can be utilized by multiple client organizations.  Learn more.

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